For admission in the BAMS course all candidates  should apply online at  Guru Ravidas Ayurved University  (   after getting NEET results.

`Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
The BAMS course is recognised by the Central Council Of Indian Medicine and Guru Ravidas Ayurved University Punjab, Hoshiarpur. Aim of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) Programme at Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar is to produce experts in the field of Ayurvedic system of medicine, to help ailing humanity through native wisdom in health and medicine. Studies are based on understanding human body from holistic angle. Disease is considered as a stage of imbalance of body Biochemistry (Doshas) which is brought to the stage of equilibrium with the help of food habits and living style modification. Curriculum of B.A.M.S. course consists of studies of human Anatomy, physiology, metaphysics, Detailed information about plants, minerals and animal products as medicine, preparation of various herbo mineral formulations, diagnosis of pathological state of body called disease, and their management and treatment. Various branches of studies consists of Medicine, Surgery, Eye, E.N.T., Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Panchkarma.

degreeThe college has been sanctioned 50 seats at graduation level (BAMS) course by Guru Ravidass Ayurveda University, Punjab, Hoshiarpur and CCIM. The BAMS course is recognised by Guru Ravidass Ayurveda University, Punjab, Hoshiarpur and CCIM.

Mode of selection and admission: Selection and admission of the students to the college is done as per guidelines of the Guru Ravidas Ayurved University Punjab, Hoshiarpur.

Fee: Fee for the course is charged as per the directions of Guru Ravidas Ayurved University Punjab, Hoshiarpur.
DURATION OF COURSE : 5-1/2 years distributed as follow :

Ist professional 12 months
2nd professional 12 months
3rd professional 12 months

4th professional 18 months
Internship One Year

Note : Internship is compulsory and degree will be awarded only after completing the internship.


1. The compulsory rotating internship is to be completed in the college hospital after passing the final examination.
2. On full completion of the internship as certified by the Principal, the candidate shall be eligible for the award of Ayurvedacharya (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & surgery) Degree.


House examination shall be held at the end of each professional. Date, time & Venue will be notified as required.


1. The following factors may be taken into consideration in determining class work in the subject.

(i) Attendance
(ii) House Examination

2. A class schedule card shall be maintained for each student. The Principal shall arrange to obtain the signature of the student and teacher at the end of each course of lectures and practical instructions and send the card to head of the departments for the final completion before the commencement of each examination.

3. The card shall obtain statement that the student has attended not less than 3/4 of the theory lectures and practical classes and not less than 85% of clinical instructions of which course consists. This card shall be submitted to examiners as required.

Panchkarma Course for foreign students
In order to update the knowledge of the doctors already working in various levels, a certificate course in Panchkarma of one month’s duration is being run by the college in the months of April and September. Students already practicing in the field come to contact with Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar thereby developing more confident by referring their patients to this hospital for Panchkarma therapy.The details of the program is as follows:


Eligibility for admission

Boarding & lodging facilities


Fees for course

(in (US $)

Fees for boarding & lodging

(in US $)

Dates of Commencement of Course

One Month

Basic Knowledge of Ayurveda


Any Medical / Paramedical Graduate


To be decided at the time of admission

To be decided at the time of admission

1st April

1st September


Other Training Programs

    1. Kshar Sutra Training Programme
    2. RCH Training Programme which was funded by Govt. of India.
    3. Regular Panchkarma Training Programme for one month is also being organised.
    4. Certificate Course In Therapeutic Yoga
Certificate Course In Therapeutic Yoga
It is one year course which is designed to meet the need of “certified yoga therapists” in India and abroad. WHO CAN JOIN THIS COURSE?

This course is senior secondary (10+2) or an equivalent examination conducted by a recognized education board or state/central body. The time and duration of course is specially designed so that students of various under graduates courses like B.A.M.S., BPT, B.E., B.Tech., B.A., B.Com, BCA, B Sc. Nursing or any other Bachelor/Masters degree can join the course and can complete this course along with their graduation or post graduation. Thus students find opportunity to have a dual course. Medical professionals can also join this course. To apply for this course download the application form, fill the form properly and send it to the office.