Stri Rog Vigyan

Department Of Stri Rog Vigyan

fem-zoneDr. Renu  Bala is the HOD and Professor and Dr. Pooja Sharma is Lecturer in the Department of “STRI ROG AND PRASOOTI TANTRA”. She has been working in the department of Stri Rog Vigyan since 1984 and has done an appreciable work by writing book covering both Ayurvedic and modern aspects. Dr. Renu Bala is regular invitee of Doordarshan and All India Radio, Jalandhar for a talk on Ayurvedic aspect of various diseases and topics in the field of Gynaecology.

Departmental Activities-

In the department of “STRI ROG AND PRASOOTI TANTRA” various Gynae diseases have been treated.

  • It has successfully treated Infertility with Ayurvedic procedures like-
  • Vaginal douching:
    • In this the decoction of various medicines are used to clean the vagina;
    • This procedure is used not only for cleaning but it is anti-inflammatory and promotes healing
    • It is used for multiple infections of vagina.
  • Uttar Vasti:
    • Uttar vasti is Intra-uterine Insemination of various medicated oils and ghrit (phalaghrit) which is very effective to tone up the uterus and even cures the cases of tubal blockage;
    • It is an OPD procedure which usually does not require any sedation and
    • It is just like hydro-tubation which is now a days frequently in practice by modern Gynaecologists.
  • All the menstrual disorders like scanty menses, DUB (Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding), Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea are successfully treated with herbal Ayurvedic Medicines in this department. This treatment gives much more better results than hormonal treatment.

Faculty of the department:-

  1. Dr  Renu  Bala  Prof.  Ph.D (Ayu)  &  H.O.D
  2. Dr  Pooja  Sharma   MD (Ayu)  Lecturer



Stri Rog & Prasuti Department of  Dayanand  Ayurvedic College provides following facilities to the patients:-


  1. Vaginal douching for various vaginal infections ,cervicities ,cervical erosion and chronic P.I.D . In this procedure decoction of some herbs like  ashoka, neem , haridra are commonly used. In cervical erosion kshar prepared from various herbs is applied over the eroded area and it is completely cured while in modern science it is cured by cauterization  and  chances of recurrence  are still there.
  2. Infertility clinic :- Special treatment for infertility patients is done with various herbs which contains phytoestrogens and are helpful in inducing ovulation regulating menstrual cycle in P.C.O.D , endometrial hyperplasia. P.T (Tubal patency test) is done to check the blockage of fallopian tubes .Uttar Vasti  treatment  for tubal blockage , pelvic inflammation and toxicity of uterus. In this procedure medicated ghrit ,  tail and decoction of medicines are introduced in the cavity of uterus ,very result oriented in tubal blockage ,inflammation and for weakness of uterus.
  3. Antenatal Care Clinic:- Special Ayurvedic treatment for pregnant women for proper growth of developing fetus and to lessen the complications of
  4. PERI/POST Menopausal  Care :- In menopause extracts of certain plants which contain phytoestrogens are used to combat side effects due to deficiency of oestrogen.
  5. Special treatment for  Menstrual  Irregularities  &   C.O.D :-Panchkarma  along  with  herbal  treatment reduces weight in  P.C.O.D  &  regulate the mensuration.

Endometriosis :- Herbal treatment is very effective in endometriosis Shilajeet , Ashoka , Yashtimadhu  are commonly used drugs .