Kriya Sharir

Department Of Kriya Sharir

vataAyurveda, Science of life deals with all aspects related to physical, social, psychological & spiritual facets of human life.

  • The “Kriya Sarir” deals with study of the normal functions of body during rest and activity. The whole purpose of Kriya Sarir is to explore the normal functions of the living organism, their principles, their mechanism & their actions.
  • The Department is headed by Dr. Sandhya Asthana MD (Ayu). The Department is fully equipped with latest equipments. The Department has its own laboratory where different tests are performed.
  • Study of compound microscope, TLC, DLC, Bleeding time, Clotting time, Hb%, ESR, Blood group, Blood pressure through Sphygnomanometer.
  • According to Ayurveda, every individual is a unique entity. For knowing this uniqueness of every individual is the study of constitution of Body & mind which is called Prakriti Parikshan i.e. analysis of body mind type of person.
  • Different performas are made by students to learn the importance of: i) Prakriti parikshan; ii) Saar parikshan and iii) Bal Parikshan.

Faculty of the department:

  1. Dr. Sandhya Asthana, MD (Ayu), Associate Professor & H.O.D.
  2. Dr. Vibhu Khanna, MD (Ayu), Assistant Professor