Basic Principles

Department Of Basic Principles

basicPopularly known as Department of Basic Principles’s exact nomenculature is Sanskrit, Samhita & Siddhanta Vibhaga. Ayurveda originated as part of Vedic Sciences. This is an integral spiritual science devised to give a comprehensive understanding of all the universe. All the original texts of Ayurveda were compiled in Sanskrit. So, the knowledge of language is compulsory to learn Ayurveda. Sanskrit is taught as a subject to the student of B.A.M.S. 1st Prof. The knowledge of Ayurveda was transferred to Daksha Prajapati, from Brahma- the creator of the Universe. It reached Punarvasu Atreya through Ashwini Kumar, Lord Indra, and Bhardwaj. Punarvasu Atreya taught Ayurveda to his six disciplines- Agnivesha with his exceptional wisdom/skill compiled a text, popularly known as CHARAK SAMHITA. Similarly Kashipati Divodas transferred the knowledge of Ayurveda gained through Dhanwantri to Sushruta, thus creating SUSHRUTA SAMHITA. Vaghbhatta in sixth century compiled a text Astang Sangrah. These three texts collectively are known as Great Triads, are also called as Brihad (Large) Samhita. The teaching of these Samhita is done through this department.

Ayurveda has gone through several stages of development in its long history. It spread with vedic and Hindu culture as far east as Indonesia and to the west it influenced the ancient Greeks. Many other countries adopted this system and at many occasions it suffered various setbacks in the country of its origin. Now Ayurveda is a part of new movements towards a global medicine that includes the best development in the medicines of all lands. This history of Ayurveda with other aspects is taught to the students of B.A.M.S. 1st Prof.

Human body is composed of derivation of five basic elements of Panchmahabhutas viz. earth, water, fire, wind and space. Three humours or doshas are physiological factors of the body. Similar such principles are taught to the student of B.A.M.S. 1st Prof., through the subject Padarth Vigyan, also known as Metaphysics.

 Dr. Rita Upadhya are lecturer in this department. This department is richest in the number of subjects viz. History of Ayurveda, Sanskrita, Padarth Vigyan, Astang Sangrah and Charak Samhita, for the students of all Profs of B.A.M.S. 50 video cassettes, alongwith a T.V. & V.C.R. are also the part of the Department. Audiovisual aids, O.H.P., Slide projector etc are also owned by the Department.

Regular Inter-college Quiz Programmes on Charak Samhita are organized every year and this college bagged the first prize for the last three years. The Department contains the treasure of ancient texts.

Faculty of the department:

    1. Dr. Jatinder Sharma, MD (Ayu), Associate Professor & H.O.D.
    2. Dr. Monika Rasotra, MD (Ayu), Assistant Professor 
    3. Dr. Rita Upadhaya, Ph.D (Sanskrit), Sanskrit Teacher