CME Programmes

The college is very keen on conducting various training programmes in the form of ROTP’s and CME’s which are sponsored by RAV New Delhi.

  • Department of Panchakarma organised CME for Physicians, in collaboration with AIAC, sponsored by Ministry of Ayush, GOI from 6th to 11th September, 2021.
  • Department of Panchkarma conducted CME for Panchkarma Teachers/Physician sponsored by RAV New Delhi from 15th to 20th March 2021.
  • Department of Panchkarma organised 6 days CME for Physicians Sponsored by RAV New Delhi from 10 to 15th Oct 2011.
  • Department of Dravyaguna organised 6 days ROTP for Teachers Sponsored by RAV New Delhi from 20 to 25 Sept 2010.
  • Department of  Panchkarma organised  4  days  CME  programme from  21/4/2009  to  23/4/2009.
  • Department of  Panchkarma and Karyakarta Abhyasvarg organised a CME programme in collaboration with Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad on 08/09/2019.
  • The college organized an awareness workshop on AIDS in collaboration with Punjab state  AIDS  CONTROL  SOCIETY  and a  few  NGO’s on 02/12/2019.

Training to teachers (TTT):-

C.C.I.M.  has selected our college as  Pilot  Study  Centre for organizing Teachers Training  Programme. The first of which was organized in our college on 7 & 8.11.2017  and  second was held on  13 & 14.12.2017 for 50 participants in each programme.