Kaumar Bhritya

Department of Kaumar Bhritya (Pediatrics)

pediatricsFrom the very beginning Ayurveda has made a class differentiation between Adutls & children. Our Acharyas have mentioned in ancient texts about child care and diseases related to them and given due importance to each and every aspect of their lives.

Among various Acharyas Maharishi Kashyap is the first and foremost author of the subject known as Kaumar Bhritya .In Ayurvedic texts. ‘Kaumar’ word means a child up to the age of 16 (according to Kashyap) and ‘Bhritya’ means child care both preventive as well as curative. Our Acharyas believed that care given during this age group is the backbone of their whole life, that is why the facts & clinical knowledge contained in those texts is gaining popularity day by day & world is again moving towards the ideology of ancient age.

Though Kashyap Samhita is not completely available but knowledge that it contains is still as much true as was said in ancient times like in Lakshanadhaya Kashyap has given signs & symptoms of healthy and a sick children which helps in assessment of newborn. Various diseases mentioned there can be compared to modern diseases by their features e.g. Faka Roga can be compared to various malnutrition disorders. Dermatoglyphics is also a remarkable feature of this text. Features mentioned in Vednaadhyaya are also helpful in clinical diagnosis. In Kalap Sthana preventive dhoops are mentioned like – Maheshwar dhoop, Chaturangik dhoop for treatment of malaria. Besides these many more peculiarities are there, so it is supreme text of Pediatrics.

In Dayanand Ayurevdic College, Department of Pediatrics is running successfully in experienced hands of Dr. Parikshit Sharma.

Specialties of the Department:

Department is running regular OPD with special clinics for

  1. Musculoskeletal disorders
  2. Growth & developmental problems.
  3. Behavioural problems like low concentration, bed wetting, teeth grinding, night walking, stealing etc.
  4. GIT problems.
  5. Recurrent respiratory disorders.
  6. Allergic disorders.
  7. Immuno-deficiency disorders.
  8. All psychosomatic disorders.
  9. Regular Counseling of child as well as parents and relative is done for various type of psychological problems.
  10. The facilities for Pediatric Panchkarma are also available like Shali Shastik (Navarakidi), Matra Vasti, Abhyang, Snehan, Swedan of various types.

Different display charts & models compilations are there in the Department for the students to help them in study.

Faculty of the department:-

  1. Dr. Parikshit Sharma, MD (Ayu), Associate Professor & H.O.D.
  2. Dr. Rakesh Kumar, MD (Ayu), Assistant Professor