Kaya Chikitsa

Department of Kaya Chikitsa (Internal Medicine)

Kayachikitsa is the first branch of  Ashtang Ayurved that deals with general medicine, where kaya means body and chikitsa means treatment. Kayachikitsa is the subject taught in the final year B.A.M.S. professional degree course, it is the important basic clinical subject of Ayurveda. This Subject is mainly concerned with the principles and methods of treatment of various diseases. The total technical knowledge regarding the management of a disorder is given by this department.Department is having well qualified, studious co-operative and experienced staff. Department conducts various clinical and academic activities like clinical seminars and medical camps for the benefit of students and general public. From time to time department invites guest lectures on specialized branch of medicine for reorientation of departmental teachers and for benefit of students. A regular functioning of IPD and OPD of this department makes it feasible for the students to learn clinical skills properly with ample practical exposure.

Faculty of the Department:

1. Dr. Chander Shekhar Sharma, MD (Ayu), Professor & H.O.D.

2. Dr. Nishu Raina, MD (Ayu), Associate Professor

3. Dr. Priyanka Bhardwaj, MD (Ayu), Assistant Professor



  • To upgrade the teaching, training and patient care.
  • To provide assured quality education by integrative teaching, empowering skills, hands on training.
  • To promote scientific temper for research work in Ayurveda.
  • To provide excellent experience & services to the society.


  • To be the major specialist service provider for the population.
  • Gaining the confidence in our care by giving trustful service and to provide quick services to the highest standards.
  • To improve the environment for patient and staff.
  • To work in collaboration with other specialties.

Departmental Features

  • Theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance are provided to BAMS students. Students are taught through bedside clinical demonstrations which help them to study the problems typically associated with a particular disease or disorder. Audio- visual technology is being used to empower the students.
  • Group discussion, integrative teaching & case presentations to keep the knowledge up to date.
  • Regular interactive discussion is conducted in the department.
  • Department takes part in various health checkup camps, public awareness program organized by institution.