Shalakya Tantra

Department Of Shalakya Tantra

eye-coilAyurveda is “Veda of Ayu”. It’s main aim is to maintain the health of a healthy person & to cure the disease of a diseased one. To achieve this aim, Ayurveda is broadly classified into 8 parts called Astang Ayurveda.
To achieve full knowledge of Ayurveda these 8 parts have their individual importance. Out of the 8 parts of Astang, Shalakya Tantra has its own prime importance. In Astang Haridya, it is called “Urdhavaang”.

Charak & Sushruta both have mentioned Shalakya in their text. But Charak Samhita, being a text of medicine, has not explained it well in comparison to all other texts of that time available.

In Shalakya Tantra the diseases of parts of body above clavicles are dealt with. In which tantra “Shalakya” is used primarily to cure diseases is called as Shalakya tantra.
A part of Astang Ayurveda; in which diseases related to parts lying above clavicles i.e. ears, eyes, mouth, nose etc. are dealt with & treated,and method of using Shlaka (probe) is mentioned; is called as Shalakya Tantra.

Sushruta has explained this topic in Nidan Sthana & Uttar tantra especially. He has elaborated it maximum as compared to other texts of his time.

Faculty of the Department:

  1. Dr. Rajni Thakur, MS (Ayu), Associate Professor & H.O.D.
  2. Dr. Harleen Kaur, MS (Ayu), Assistant Professor

Highlights of the Department:
Clinical Facilities

  • Diagnosis and treatment of disorders related with Shalakya.
  • Refraction
  • Ocular Physiotherapy
  • Kriya Kalpa (Ayurvedic topical administration of drugs).

Teaching Facilities

  • Live demonstration on patients
  • Audio Visual cassettes
  • Demonstration Charts
  • X-ray files