Rachna Sharir

Department Of Rachna Sharir

sarirRachna means ‘structure’, Sharir mean ‘human body’ i.e. Branch of Ayurveda comprising structure of human body is called Rachna Sharir.

Department is running since College had started. Departmental activities are:-It is the most authentic division of body because above 6 parts involve major groups of internal structures of human body. Branch has also knowledge about essential structures like bones, muscles, blood vessels and major channels (i.e. strotas). Sharir also comprises of very imprortant structures called marinas (Sensitive organs of body, injury to those can cause death or permanent deformity. Sushrut the father of Indian Surgery has best elaborated about anatomy in his text Sushrut Samhita. Our facts about human body is based upon it.

  • To give knowledge about External and Structures of human body by the theoretical & practical classes.
  • Theoretical classes include regular lectures about subjects.
  • Practical classes include – i) Bone study by skeleton, ii) Organ study by dummy and models.
  • Disection of human body is done regularly in Department for the comprehensive knowledge of human body.

Faculty of the department:

  1. Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma, B.A.M.S., Professor & H.O.D.
  2. Dr. Smita Kumari, MD (Ayu), Associate Professor